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Why might conflict coaching be right for you?

"Conflict coaching is an individual support method aiming to support at individuals in dealing effectively with conflict situations.

As a conflict coach, I work with you in a focused manner to improve your skills and to develop specific strategies for managing conflicts.

Marlies STUBITS 

You can achieve these goals: 

personal development

Developing and improving your skills in dealing with conflict situations, whether in personal relationships, the workplace or other areas.

individual support

Conflict coaching is a one-to-one consultation specifically tailored to your personal needs which ensures individual progress.

coping with stress

You want to learn how to better manage stress that arises from conflict, be it emotional stress or stress related to certain situations or relationships.


improving communication skills

You want to strengthen your communication skills in conflict situations, whether by improving self-expression, empathic communication orconflict resolution strategies.


conflict prevention

You want to learn to recognize conflicts early and take preventive measures to avoid escalating situations or to address them constructively.

Marmorierter Hintergrund

Conflict coaching is an effective method of strengthening personal skills in dealing with conflicts & to support you in successfully mastering conflict situations, be it personal or professional.

I offer you individual support tailored to your needs.

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