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End arguments, resolve conflicts! 

We are your reliable mediators
for sustainable conflict resolution

Dr. Stefan Scheiner
The mediator Mag. Stubits

You know this:

Quarrel in the familywith your partner, in the company, with your parents!

You are annoyed, tired and exhausted. Rightly so.

You notice that it can't continue like this. Do you finally want to change that? 

In mediation there are NO LOSERS. 

It enables sustainable solutions and brings back peace and contentment into your life!

Practice 1010

Take advantage of the opportunity and book online

a free initial appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in our premises!

Leave your conflict with us ! 

How can mediation

support you?

Each type of conflict can be resolved:

  • in a partnership or marriage,

  • in a family,

  • at work,

  • between companies,

  • in inheritance or neighborhood disputes,

  • and many more.


The result is a 

sustainable solution 

satisfying everyone involved. 


Our goal is

to free you from the burden of your conflict.

We ensure appreciative communication, respect and fairness

during the entire mediation process.

We take your needs very seriously and ensure that you

achieve your goals and create ideal solutions for everyone involved..


In the premises of PRAXIS 1010

we provide you with a safe & protected setting. 

Are you ready for a solution?  

We guarantee all clients
   absolute confidentiality.  




We actively promote diversity and tolerance & also

welcome people from the LGBTQIA+ community


Satisfied clients

Family K. 

“We had seemingly irresolvable inheritance disputes in our family after our father's death. Ms. Stubits supported us very empathetically and professionally in finding a solution with which everyone is now satisfied."

Natalie & Luke R.

"We were initially skeptical as to whether mediation was the right thing for us. But the Mediation 1010 team convinced us. We successfully dealt with our conflicts. Mediation was an eye opener in many areas. We learned again to talk to each other openly and appreciatively. The mediation has really benefited our partnership!" 

John W.

“I am very satisfied with the support I received from Dr. Scheiner and can highly recommend him. His calm demeanor helped me a lot to successfully deal with a very difficult situation with my business partner, which otherwise would have ended in court.”
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