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Our offer to companies & organizations

As experienced managers in the private and public sectors for many years, we are not at all used to conflict:

they cost productivity & sales, customer satisfaction decreases and employee turnover increases.


Costs are enormous.

Conflicts must be managed, 


As neutral mediators, we are not part of the conflict and can therefore optimally support you in resolving the issue.


We will clarify your needs during an initial consultation. 

Let's get started!




Business mediation

Business Meeting von 2 Personen mit Unterlagen, die zahlreiche Grafiken aufweisen

We support you in the out-of-court clarification of emerging or already existing internal or inter-company conflicts.


Business mediation is unbureaucratic, efficient, confidential.

It can be used in all operational conflict situations.


Saving high legal costs and lengthy procedures

Business succession

Friendly conversation

Company successions, especially in family-owned and family-runned are often conflictual.


Personal needs, fears and expectations often play a major role. Conflicts regarding succession can result in far-reaching consequences including both, business as well as family interests

We clarify all these issues and provide you with a mediation structure, where both, business and family, concerns get enough space & orderly handover is developed.  

Mediative organizational consulting

Team high five

Conflicts within teams, between employees or even with managers are binding resources, cost productivity, increase fluctuation, may lead to mobbing or burnouts.

We are highly experienced in organizational consulting and integrate into our work mediative approaches and methods.


This results in visibility & transparence of needs & concerns, and  sustainable solutions are developed together. 

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